We pay you the payment in cash at our head office. The address is Karlovo náměstí 17, Prague 2. Reserve your payday in the link below the text. You will receive the payday date and a summary of important information by email.      ATTENTION! In case you have arranged another shooting with us, choose the payday date after the shooting day. If you do not follow this rule, the payment will not be paid out until you shoot all your shooting days. That is the way it is. If you have any problem with it, then do not even start shooting (of course, if you arranged a multi-day shooting, it is possible to arrange a partial payment/advance – but that depends on the nature of the shooting, sometimes it is simply not possible). Another important thing: ATTENTION! The payments are paid out by the end of the third month after shooting at the latest, therefore, keep it in mind (i.e., max. shooting DAY+3 months) or you risk that we will be not able to pay it out to you when the project is closed. There is an email address on your extras note where you can write at so that you do not miss the payment. Thank you for reading up to here and now just choose the payday date for cashing your payment: