The Gray Man Casting

ASIANS, men and women, 16-70 years old.

Men 30-40 years old

At the peak of their strength, future secret agents or medieval warriors.

Women 50 years old

Lady, milady, queen, or a henchwoman in a Bond movie?

Ethnic babies

Babies with exotic looks, 3-6 months old.


Do you have a 3-6 month-old baby with an exotic look? The shooting takes place at Prague studio in late April.


We are looking for men and women of all Asian nationalities (Thailand, Laos, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.). We will shoot a scene taking place in Bangkok – celebration SONGKRAN (shot in Prague). The shooting is planned for 13 July 2021. This may be a ticket for you into the movie industry and maybe you will find yourself in it! We are looking for a wide range of character types, so don’t be afraid, sign in, and share it with friends!


You have been through something in your life and it shows. You care for yourself and it shows. In the movie industry, image and esthetical typology are the Alpha and Omega. You never know who might like your face or body build. We receive a wide range of specifications from foreign productions; therefore, we believe that it is you who can be the next secret agent who will back up the main character!


Charismatic eyes, face strengthened by life. Female figure. But primarily, a desire to experience something remarkable. Is that you? Then, you might  be the next leading face of a crowd scene in a Hollywood blockbuster that the audience will see in the multiplex. Don’t be afraid of prejudice! We are looking forward to seeing you.